The medicinal pumpkin seed




October’s end is fast approaching, yet grocery stores and farmers markets are still supplying mounds of pumpkins.  With Halloween upon us this week and trick or treat-ers come and gone, many of us simply pass on by thinking, “Been there, done that.”  Yet carving pumpkins can yield so much more than just a Jack O’ lantern.  The seeds that we  prepare as a seasonal treat actually have medicinal and nutritional properties.   Pumpkin seeds cleanse parasites from the large intestine and can even expel roundworms and tapeworms.  They can be used for motion sickness and nausea and can also help treat a swollen prostate.  The seeds are a valuable source of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin E.  There is still time to make the most of what mother nature has to offer us this season, so give those pumpkins a second thought next time you pass them by 🙂 Happy carving!